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Tackling mental health as a student athlete

On March 13, the North Atlantic Conference hosted Victoria Garrick for an online talk about mental health awareness in collegiate sports. Garrick was a starter for the University of Southern California volleyball and gives powerful testimonies on how mental health has played a huge role during her career. “I do understand the pressure of the lifestyle is what ultimately led to a crisis that changed my life,” said Garrick. “When I first got to USC, I didn’t appreciate the role that the mind pla

A tribute to Alex Trebek

For as long as I can remember, we always used to have the TV on in our kitchen during dinner. When it was 7:00, we would all turn our heads to the TV when the Jeopardy theme song came on. Alex Trebek appeared and we would all turn our chairs to watch our favorite game show. On Nov. 8, Trebek died in his home after a long battle with stage IV pancreatic cancer. He was the longtime host of Jeopardy since 1984 spanning 37 seasons and his final taped episodes will be released this month. His battl

A Ratched Review

“American Horror Story” creator Ryan Murphy released his newest glam and gore series on Sept. 18. The Netflix series, “Ratched,” follows the origin story of Nurse Ratched from the book “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” The show is stylish in its costumes, has gorgeous set designs, but has obscene storylines that distract from the story of Nurse Ratched. The show takes place at Lucia State Hospital in Northern California in 1947. The set designers did an outstanding job creating scenery that

Documenting a long history of sexual abuse

On June 24, 2020, Netflix released its newest documentary, “Athlete A.” The documentary gives an in-depth view of the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal and downfall of USA Gymnastics. It follows the journalists of the Indianapolis Star who began reporting and publishing the first stories of the scandal. The documentary begins a narration of Oklahoma Sooners gymnast Maggie Nichols practicing at her university’s gym. She speaks about the rush and sensation she feels whenever she is competing. Nicho

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